Upcycle shoes

3 June 2016
The wedding has come and gone. When people told me the wedding would pass quickly, it was true. We spent our two day honeymoon cleaning, composting and recycling, before returning to work. Our official honeymoon is not until July. I will share the ins and outs of the big day soon. The post is all ready to go; I’m waiting on the photographer to pass the photos onto us.

I was on creative overdrive in the week leading up to the wedding, finding time to upcycle two pairs of shoes into homes for succulents, foraged during a bike ride along the Maribrynong River.

Both shoes were worn right down. They have been firm favorites in the last six years. My shoe repair magician reluctantly confessed they were beyond help, letting me know that I should have come earlier. I could not think of an excuse other than I was busy wearing them. Lesson learnt.

Initially I had hoped to recycle the shoes or pass them over to Soles4Soul's, but my shoes were not gently worn. Each shoe had holes in their soles, some more than others. There is also Shoes For Planet Earth. Unfortunately, they only take sport shoes.  It was during a rushed cleaning session of our home the day before the wedding, while looking for somewhere to house the succulents; I decided to put plants into the shoes, placing them at the front door of our home. 

Upcycle shoes

The quirkiness makes me smile when I see them. I have not had to buy new shoes to replace them either. I had a pair of converse that I reserved for special occasions. These have now become my go to shoes, especially in winter.

What other ways could I have upcycled them?

Plastic Free July is approaching soon. It’s hard to believe this is my fourth Plastic Free July. Lately, I have been busy with talks at schools and businesses, plus the Plastic Bag Free Victoria campaign.

I will be away on my honeymoon during the last half of Plastic Free July. Before we venture north, I will be hosting a movie and panel discussion with one of the founders of Plastic Free July. Details are coming soon. Look out for some posts later in the month, on getting ready for Plastic Free July too.
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