Expecting a baby

16 January 2017
Zero Waste Expecting a Baby
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In ten short weeks, I will be expecting a baby. Thrilled, nervous and impatient to meet him (yes, it's a boy) are the everyday emotions that whirl through my mind and body. I'm not nervous for the birth, rather excited for that part. Instead I'm nervous for the future.

Expecting a baby has made my commitment to live a life conscious of rubbish and plastic even more important. Knowing that I am helping raise the next generation has magnified the responsibility I already feel.

We have discussed what type of parents we will be, the issues we may face, namely the struggles that will come with raising a child exposed to a lifestyle, that is counter to how most of society lives.

One thing I'm firm on, is that I don't want to push our child to live plastic free or zero waste. My hope is to be the best example of these lifestyles, encourage him through education, inquiry and kindness, but let him make his own choice. Never make him feel guilty about decisions that might be different to his parents. I believe guilt and shame are two of the worst emotions to inflict on anyone.

I live this lifestyle based around responsibility, not guilt or shame for the environment, animals, people that I share this planet with. My personal reason for going zero waste: I don’t believe the next generation should have to deal with my rubbish. It’s my responsibility. I came to this through education and inquiry myself.

Expecting a child is expecting plastic, expecting rubbish. It will happen; we know this and have accepted it. As parents, we can only do our best.
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