Welcome to the world, little one

28 March 2017
Early last week, I got to birth this human being into the world. 

Weight, perfect. Length, long enough. Name, still deciding. Even though he does not have ginger hair, I decided to keep him. This is of much relief to the Builder, as he is very smitten with the squishy and snuggly bundle of joy. We are happy and healthy, swimming in a sea of love neither of us have experienced before and feeling grateful this little person chose us to be his parents.

This is the fourth trimester, a time to bond with my baby and learn how to be his mother. While I navigate the sleepless nights and days, endless nappies and his feeding schedule, my body is busy healing too; the next forty days will be intentionally slow, as I take time adjusting to all the changes while being kind to my body. Dear readers, this means no posts for a little while. I look forward to sharing this new chapter of our lives when I return.

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