Looking back at July and August, starting with my book launch!

It's hard to believe two months have passed since my book has been out in the world; held in your hands, booked out at libraries and being snapped up from bookstores around Australia and New Zealand. My book won't be available outside of Australia and New Zealand until early next year but that hasn't stopped many of you getting a copy! Thanks for all the snaps from Turkey, Germany, France, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia snapping photos as you read Waste Not.

Neighbourhood Books were equally excited for the book offering to host a book launch. It took some convincing by Hardie Grant PR for me say yes. I didn't want anyone wasting time organising an event no one would attend. The exact opposite happened! The beautiful book store was crammed with friends, family and YOU. Thank you so much for coming! I didn't stop talking all night and it was so nice to meet many of you. Apparently the food was all low waste but I didn't get to sample it as I was put on book signing duty. Thank you Hardie Grant and Neighbourhood Books for putting it together.

waste not erin rhoads book launch
Photo Piccolo Angelo Photography

Photo Piccolo Angelo Photography

Photo Piccolo Angelo Photography

To get their office prepared for Plastic Free July Hardie Grant Publishing gifted every staff member a copy of my book plus a reusable coffee cup. If you bought my book from Dymocks and certain book stores you may have scored a reusable tote bag of your own! My editor organised a clothing swap at Hardie Grant that I unfortunately missed due to radio interviews and filming. They are a stylish bunch there so I'm sad i couldn't attend.

The annual Plastic Free July workshops, talks and interviews have kept me busy as usual and amongst all of that  I participated in author Q&As, panel discussions and even met Bea Johnson. We also sold our house and I helped organised Victoria's first Zero Waste Festival. We ran a festival! Something I never thought i'd ever do in my life. A skill to put on the CV haha.

Amongst the circus my son and I have been passing a cold back and fourth. I took a week off recently and we lived in our pyjamas catching up on sleep and snuggles. It was just what we needed. Except for the snotty kisses he would bestow on me...

I have updated my public events page for the remainder of the year, including two workshops in NSW. There will be more public events to come. I just wanted to stop by here to share and celebrate what has been an exciting two months. There has been such a huge interest in reducing plastic and waste this year. Truthfully I had hoped my next blog post would be celebrating a Cash for Containers announcement here in Victoria. Well, that was voted down. Oh well, onwards and upwards. Okay I better get back to packing up our house for the move.

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  1. Joanne Bevan8/31/2018

    Dear Erin,
    Thank you for writing your book. I have been following you for a while now are you are aa true inspiration. I had not intended to buy any more books but when I saw yours while shopping I knew it was meant to be added to my library.
    I really love your Waste Not framework.
    Would you consider posting it as an infographic to share.
    Jo Bevan


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