Plastic Free lunch bag and lunch box

Plastic Free lunch bag and lunch box
Plastic Free Lunch Bag by Life Without Plastic

We started primary school this year. I'm saying we because the transition from kinder to big school has been felt just as deeply by my 5yr old as it has been by me! The first weeks of Prep have moved with ease and faster than I expected. That's not to say there has not been some days when he's grumbled about attending. When I give him the option to stay home and learn with me, i'm always met with a confident no, thank you. I would be happy to home school him but he is not as keen. Last year we had many conversations on the different ways to learn, watching youtube videos and reading stories about home schooling, unschooling and mainstream schooling. I wanted to give him a chance to decided from the beginning how he'd prefer to learn. The local primary school ended up being his choice for now. I have reiterated that if he doesn't find joy there then he's allowed to tell me and I'll be there to help find what works for him.

Once we settled on how he wanted to learn it was time to start getting ready. Uniforms were purchased secondhand from Facebook Marketplace. The stationary list was mostly acquired second-hand too – a topic I'll touch on later. His plastic free Pura drink bottle purchased at 18 months old was still going strong. Next up was the lunchbox. There was nothing secondhand. Well nothing plastic free secondhand. Then the team at Happy Home reached out to see if we'd like to try their Bento Box. We loved it right away and asked if they'd be keen to offer one as a giveaway on my social media.

The Happy Home Bento Lunch Box is really sturdy, easy for little and big hands to open, leakproof, dishwasher safe and easy enough to wash by hand. The inner silicone component can be removed easily for cleaning.

Plastic Free lunch bag and lunch box
Happy Home Large Bento Box

I’m a big advocate for producer responsibility so I had to ask if they will accept the materials back for recycling. They do! I wouldn’t have accepted this if they hadn’t. Should the silicone ever break a replacement can be purchased too.

Life Without Plastics's plastic free lunch bag has been bookmarked since it first came out. The eco lunch bag is made of 100% cotton, really good quality metal zips, clips and closures, and wool insulation. There are pockets to place a cooler brick if needed. Should it ever get a hole I can tell it will be easy to mend. The size is perfect and spots cleans well too. It's the perfect addition for a plastic free zero waste lunch kit. 

I'm SO impressed with the plastic free lunch bag. Not that i'm surprised – the team at Life Without Plastic have always created and sold well made products. Literally everything in that store is without plastic. They were the first store I shopped with when I went plastic-free and I still use everything to this day. 

I plan to keep school lunches simple and most items will be repeated. Here is what my little preppy is enjoying at the moment:
  • Honey sandwich
  • Pickle
  • Carrots (or cucumber or capsicum)
  • Homemade tofu bites
  • Cheese
  • Homemade crackers
  • Dates

It's 3:05pm. I better get kiddo 2 into the pram to make the school pick up in time! 

This blog post containers a gifted product. I was under no obligation to share it or paid to write a post about this product. 

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