Sustainable Staycation at Dorsett Melbourne

Sustainable Stay at Dorsett Melbourne Hotel Review

Our winter school holidays kicked off with an exciting invitation to enjoy a staycation at the Dorsett Melbourne. The hotel requested my honest feedback on their sustainability initiatives, particularly in reducing plastic usage. I must admit, I've been invited to stay at hotels before, but the Dorsett's level of engagement and openness to improvement was truly refreshing. Right from the start, it was evident that the team at Dorsett Melbourne was committed to actively learning, improving, and creating a positive change towards becoming more environmentally friendly.

Before delving into the details of our stay, I want to stress the incredible experience a staycation can offer families. Our six-year-old was thrilled, and I highly recommend it for other families or even as a treat for yourself. During our stay, we explored the NGV, ventured into Korea Town for the first time, and immersed ourselves in the captivating Lume exhibition along with a lot of time in the hotel pool.

Situated in the heart of the CBD, Dorsett Melbourne enjoys a convenient location just a short walk from Southern Cross Station and various tram stops. The hotel's dedication to sustainability was immediately apparent as they handed us bamboo room keys instead of conventional plastic ones.

The hotel boasts all the usual amenities, including a pool, gym, restaurant, bar, workspaces, and meeting areas. Our six-year-old gave the pool a resounding thumbs-up, while The Builder kickstarted his day with an invigorating morning session at the gym. Meanwhile, both our youngest and I enjoyed a deep and restful sleep.

The rooms themselves were elegantly designed, with simplicity as their defining characteristic. Notably, the absence of snack food, the mini-bar, and plastic water bottles stood out. Guests are encouraged to use the provided glassware to enjoy Melbourne's renowned drinking water, one of the best in the world.

In the bathroom, the hotel has done away with non-reusable mini toiletry bottles and single-use soap bars, replacing them with large bottles from the luxury brand Elemis. 

Sustainable Staycation at Dorsett Melbourne Hotel Review
No single-use plastic soap, shampoo and conditioner in the hotel rooms at Dorsett Melbourne
Our 6yr old loved the staycation!

 It was pleasing to find a recycling bin in the room. However, it would be beneficial for Dorsett Melbourne to provide clear instructions beyond symbols on what items can be recycled, fostering a greater understanding and participation from guests.

We had the pleasure of enjoying a delightful buffet breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. While the scrumptious bread and butter pudding will forever be etched in our memories, it was their partnership with Bardee to divert food waste from landfills that impressed me the most. Food waste is a significant issue in the hospitality industry, and by collecting 120L of organic waste, Dorsett Melbourne effectively removes 10,660kg of CO2 from the environment. I would have loved to see their commitment to waste diversion in the restaurant displayed via a poster as a powerful way to inspire conversations and motivate change for guests. It was also great to see no single-use plastic packaged butter, Vegemite, and other spreads. 

From the dining area, I had a glimpse into the kitchen and was pleased to see the chef utilising reusable containers. The only single-use item I noticed was plastic wrap, which could be easily replaced with compostable alternatives like Great Wrap. Additionally, the restaurant team may find valuable tips and resources from websites like No Mise En Plastic, which offers guidance specifically tailored to professional kitchens.

Another thoughtful touch that caught my attention was the use of preserved and dried flowers throughout the hotel, rather than fresh ones. Preserved flowers can last for over twenty years, while fresh flowers typically need to be replaced weekly. This choice not only adds a touch of elegance but also reduces waste and environmental impact.

The staff at Dorsett Melbourne were knowledgeable and readily available to answer any questions about their sustainability practices. Their commitment to creating positive change was evident, and I am excited to witness their continued growth as they strive to become one of Melbourne's leading eco-hotels.

In conclusion, our staycation at Dorsett Melbourne was not only a delightful experience for our family but also a testament to the hotel's genuine dedication to sustainability. Their efforts to reduce plastic waste, divert food waste, and implement eco-friendly practices throughout the establishment make them a standout choice for conscious travellers. 

Sustainable Staycation at Dorsett Melbourne Hotel Review
Lume Exhibition

Sustainable Staycation at Dorsett Melbourne Hotel Review
Walking back to the Dorsett Melbourne Hotel

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