Zero Waste Bloggers

31 March 2015
I have come across a growing group of zero waste bloggers recently that I felt the need to share. Some you may know and others you may not.

These ladies from all over this fine globe are working hard and living trash free. It is great that I get to share my life with everyone and support others on their journey but sometimes I do turn to blogs that are from my own country to find answers on specific things for zero waste living or plastic free. So if you are from the USA, Denmark, United Kingdom, Canada dive in and see what you can learn. I will keep adding to this list as I meet more people because sharing is caring.






This list is expanding more and more each week. To keep up to date with new zero waste bloggers check out the Zero Waste Bloggers Network.

If you know of anyone else don't hesitate to put a comment below with a link to the blog and the country.
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