Avocado Seed Shampoo

5 October 2015
We eat a couple avocados a month. Lucky the avocados we buy are almost a year round indulgence, and come from a farm three hours from Melbourne. The same farm supplies all of our citrus fruit in winter, growing the best blood oranges EVER.

I try my hardest to use up as much of the food I buy. Right now I have a pot on the stove full of food scraps that I am turning into broth. And if part of a vegetable can't be used in some way, then it goes to compost. Avocado seeds were one item I threw straight into the compost, until recently.

Did you know the seed can be turned into a shampoo? Me either! Turns out avocado seeds are used in a variety of ways. You can grind them into a powder, to use as an exfoliant. The seeds are used for cooking in Mexico. It has been ground up for use as an age old dandruff remedy. And some people even put them into smoothies. I will stick with the shampoo today...

Avocado Seed Shampoo

Trying alternate shampoo methods seems to be a rite of passage for the plastic free and zero wasters out there. It's no secret that most of the commercial shampoos are full of weird concoctions and are not the healthiest for us or the environment, plus there is the added plastic packaging.

I have tried bicarb and apple cider vinegar with poor results. Both irritated my scalp, leaving it sore and red. Rye flour was not a successful swap for shampoo. It took far too long for me to wash out of my hair, meaning I was wasting water. In between my two failed attempts to use simpler methods, I have been refilling my bottles with shampoo from local bulk stores.

After trying these two methods the idea of avocado seed shampoo was not that crazy.

The method of making avocado seed shampoo is pretty simple, and I'm hoping I can use it to help wean myself off of shampoo and move to water only just to see if I actually do need shampoo. There is that awesome money saving aspect that appeals to me too!

I followed the method from Bread with Honey.
  • Pull your seeds from the avocado, wash and dry. I kept the seeds in the pantry until I had three ready to use. 
  • Put 6 cups of water into a pot
  • Grate the seeds. The colour of the grated seed will be white but will turn orange (made me wonder if I could dye fabric with it?)
  • Place the grated seeds into the pot and bring to a boil, then let simmer for 30 mins. 
  • Strain into a bowl, cool and pour 3 cups into a bottle with ¼ cup of your shampoo. My original 6 cups cooked down to exactly 3 cups. 

I have only used it once. My hair is clean, my scalp does not feel dry or irritated. I will write a follow up in a couple of months. Maybe I'll be shampoo free by then!

Update 16.4.2016: Here is the Avocado Seed Shampoo blog post update 
Update 10.01.2019: My zero-waste hair care routine, still shampoo free
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