DIY Zero Waste Eyebrow Powder and Eyeshadow From The Pantry

1 October 2016

In a recent chat with 1 Million Women, I shared that my eyebrow powder is made of ingredients straight out of the pantry. Since then, I have had emails and messages asking for the recipe. For some reason, I thought a post on DIY zero waste eyebrow powder from the pantry was already sitting among my other do it yourself natural beauty recipes. But I was wrong. So here it is.

For over a decade, I tinted my eyebrows and eyelashes at home. When I began the transition to plastic free beauty, the monthly ritual of colouring my blonde eyebrows to a dark brown was phased out.

The plastic free and zero waste replacement came easily from my kitchen cupboards.

DIY zero waste eyebrow powder and eyeshadow from the pantry

1/4 teaspoon Carob powder
1/8 teaspoon Turmeric
1/8 teaspoon Cinnamon

DIY Zero Waste Eyebrow Powder and Eyeshadow From The Pantry

This is a mixture that suits MY eyebrows. The turmeric adds a golden hue that works with the natural colour of my eyebrows, carob adds darkness and the cinnamon brings a touch of ginger to match my hair.

These are all ingredients that I use in my cooking each week too, so I always have them on hand. And of course, all bought zero waste from my local bulk food store.

As I said, this combination suits ME. It took a couple of different mixtures to figure out what from my pantry would work with my skin colouring. We are all unique, so if you want to make your own DIY zero waste eyebrow powder from your pantry, be prepared to try out variations that you think will work for you. Any concoctions that don’t make the cut can be tossed easily into the garden, compost or even eaten. I love that the eyebrow powder I am putting on my body is natural and safe. Ain’t no weirdo chemical lurking on my face.

I keep it in an old glass bottle that previously had a hair oil treatment in it. This mixture has lasted well over a year and cost less than $3 to make.

PLUS, when I’m feeling fancy, it doubles as my eyeshadow.

DIY Zero Waste Eyebrow Powder and Eyeshadow From The Pantry

Below are a list of ingredients sorted by hue. Try making your own eyebrow powder or even eyeshadow using some of these:

Chinese five spice



Red browns

Matcha powder


Activated charcoal

I’d love to know if you make your own eyebrow powder or eyeshadow. What colours do you use? Are there any other ingredients from the pantry that could be added to list?
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