Upcycling twine success for the Zero Waste Victoria education stall

19 October 2017
Don't have rope? Heavily pregnant with a pile of cloth scraps and nothing to do? Make rope! Or stuff pillows! It's that easy. Remember in March when I shared my homemade twine? I had envisioned weaving the end product into a basket. This did not happen and the rope made its way to the Zero Waste Victoria’s stall the past two weekends where it was used to hang their information boards. I am still proud of my efforts to upcycled material despite not having the basket I had planned to make. The end product fits the stall perfectly.

A little background on the Zero Waste Victoria info stall. It grew from Zero Waste Victoria's Facebook group I'm part of. I didn't start the group originally but was asked to help out with admin as their numbers grew. I've enjoyed watching this Facebook community and many others expand and multiply across the country. In January I posted an idea to the Facebook group about running an info stall at Australia's Sustainable Living Festival as a means to educate others. The idea was met with a passionate response and soon enough we had not only put together our education stall, a website was born too. These past few weeks the stall has featured at Spring Into Gardening and Practically Green festivals, which have a focus on sustainable living. Below is a photo of us at Spring into Gardening.

November will see the education space set up at Burrinja Climate Change Biennale 2017 and Fair@Square Moral Fairground offering a beeswax wrap demonstration. If you would like to hire our stall for education workshops and talks, you can contact us through the website www.zerowastevictoria.org. Once I wrap up my last workshops for the year (details on Facebook) I'll be turning my attention towards the Zero Waste Victoria website to see what we can do with the space. 
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